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The second single & videoclip ‘Like’ from Xenia’s album ‘8’ has been released.

Clip featuring Manfred Gstrein on drums & Xenia Gott on bass
Videoclip shot & edited by Xenia Gott

During the making of ‘Like’, Xenia was inspired by ‘Page of Madness‘. A silent, avant-garde film by Japanese film director Teinosuke Kinugasa, made in 1926.
X uses mixed media / collage techniques in her video art.

You can buy the single Like taken from Xenia’s new album 8 @ Bandcamp

Live clip ‘Noone’

X-enia has released the first single ‘Noone’ from her album ‘8’. With accompanying live music clip



is available on Spotify, DeezerGoogle Play ..

X-enia is the solo project of Rotterdam-based musician and recording artist Xenia Gottenkieny. Her music style can be defined as avant-pop with a dark twist..

X-enia live:
Xenia Gott (vocals, bass, samples)
Manfred Gstrein (drums)

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X-enia @ Festival ‘Uit Roffa’SchouwburgpleinRotterdam (NL)june 9th 2018
X-enia CD Release + The Grey Pants + Mesh exhibitionMesh Print ClubRotterdam (NL)may 27th 2018
X-enia @ Last days of Freddy MercuryWunderbarRotterdam (NL)may 22nd 2018
Moonflower WarriorAttentRotterdam (NL)may 19th 2018
X-eniaStudio de BakkerijRotterdam (NL)jan 10th 2018

Past Tourdates

X-eniaWolfart SpaceRotterdam (NL)dec 22nd 2017
X-enia, Janneke van der Putten & Jacco WeenerAttentRotterdam (NL)dec 2nd 2017
X-eniaIrrational LibraryHaarlem (NL)nov 11th 2017
X-eniaPica Pica FestivalRotterdam (NL)oct 5th 2017
X-eniaRoodkapje StarterRotterdam (NL)sept 1st & 2nd 2017
Moonflower WarriorEendracht FestivalRotterdam (NL)juli 20th 2017
Jacco Weener & Xenia GottParadisoAmsterdam (NL)jan 7th 2017
DroppingsParadisoAmsterdam (NL)jan 7th 2017
Moonflower WarriorMelkwegAmsterdam (NL)dec 23rd 2016
DroppingsBetonfraktion Album presentationTilburg (NL)nov 12th 2016
X-eniaVrijplaats (Popronde)Leiden (NL)oct 27th 2016
X-eniaStudio De Bakkerij ‘Gist’Rotterdam (NL)oct 14th 2016
DroppingsRasa (Popronde)Utrecht (NL)oct 13th 2016
X-enia‘t Bonte Palet (Popronde)Den Bosch (NL)sept 30th 2016
X-eniaExtrapool (Popronde)Nijmegen (NL)sept 15th 2016
X-eniaPica Pica ParadeRotterdam (NL)aug 7th 2016
Moonflower WarriorEendrachtfestivalRotterdam (NL)
jun 23th 2016
Moonflower WarriorRoute du NordRotterdam (NL)jun 10-12th, 17-19th 2016
DroppingsDoor, Fake MagazineDordrecht (NL)may 28th 2016
Moonflower WarriorIncubate FestivalTilburg (NL)may 14th 2016

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