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Editing and animating the new clip ‘Wait’ from Xenia’s album ‘8’

In october we had a successful video shoot at ‘The Imaginary Band Land’ in Roodkapje!

We worked together with the visitors who were also participating in the photo shoot for Fake Photobooth. You can see the results of the photo collages HERE. For the videoclip the visitors were asked to either improvise or act out a scene in the clip where they were supposed to be waiting at a traffic light for pedestrians. Here is a screenshot collage of the video shoot, behind the scenes!

Roodkapje ‘Imaginary Band Land’
X-enia Band

Filming new clip @ Roodkapje’s ‘Imaginary Band Land’


The third single & videoclip from Xenia’s album ‘8’ will be released in december.

On october the 12th we’ll be shooting our clip at The Imaginary Band Land!! As part of an exhibition created by Koen Taselaar & Roodkapje.
There will also be a photoshoot in Fake Photobooth style. Like our pages for the latest news, updates and release dates!

Roodkapje ‘Imaginary Band Land’
X-enia Band


The second single & videoclip ‘Like’ from Xenia’s album ‘8’ has been released.

Clip featuring Manfred Gstrein on drums & Xenia Gott on bass
Videoclip shot & edited by Xenia Gott

During the making of ‘Like’, Xenia was inspired by ‘Page of Madness‘. A silent, avant-garde film by Japanese film director Teinosuke Kinugasa, made in 1926.
X uses mixed media / collage techniques in her video art.

You can buy the single Like taken from Xenia’s new album 8 @ Bandcamp

Live clip ‘Noone’

X-enia has released the first single ‘Noone’ from her album ‘8’. With accompanying live music clip



is available on Spotify, DeezerGoogle Play ..

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X-enia is the solo project of Rotterdam-based musician and recording artist Xenia Gottenkieny. Her music style can be defined as avant-pop with a dark twist..

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Past Tourdates

    X-enia @ Wunderbar, Sept 18th 2018
    Sep 18 @ 8:30 pm – 11:00 pm
    MOWA + Katie Cruel @ Dizzy Moon, Sept 19th 2018
    Sep 19 @ 8:30 pm – 11:30 pm
    X-enia @ Kopi Soesoe, Sept 29th 2018
    Sep 29 @ 8:30 pm – 11:30 pm
    MOWA @ Mesh Print Club, Dec 23rd 2018
    Dec 23 @ 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm

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    X-ENIA CD ‘8’

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    Plus-X-Creative music event photos from Attent

    Photos from the Plus-X-Creative music event X-enia, Janneke van der Putten & Jacco Weener @ Attent, 2nd of december 2017 (dec 5th, 2017)

    Since Janneke van der Putten performed with lights out we’ve provided […]

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