X-enia is releasing her debut solo album on her PXC record label!


The album is finished and together with her own Plus-X-Creative recordlabel [PXC, pronounce: pixie] X-enia is working on the release expected this fall 2017.

X-enia founded […]

Debut album becomes a document of the artist’s life

X-enia is currently recording and producing her debut album. It will be an album documenting the artist’s life during various periods..

Covering songs from her starting out as […]

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X-enia is a collaborative solo project initiated by Xenia Gottenkieny, a singer-songwriter, composer, producer and visual artist from The Netherlands.
Characteristic in her music are her emotional, powerful vocals, supported by vintage synth, intuitive bass lines and a collage of strange noises..

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Quirky T’s, art cards and other merch at the Idiotix shop, designed by Xenia. Check it out!

1. ‘Trash Collectors’  T-shirt $24,-  BUY here
2. ‘GEIT’  T-shirt shortsleeve and longsleeve available for $24,- and $28,-  BUY here
3. ‘Beautiful Vomiting Girl’ T-shirt shortsleeve and longsleeve available for $24,- and $28,-  Buy here

X-enia Irrational Library Haarlem (NL) nov 11th 2017
X-enia Pica Pica Festival Rotterdam (NL) oct 5th 2017
X-enia Roodkapje Starter Rotterdam (NL) sept 1st & 2nd 2017
Moonflower Warrior Eendracht Festival Rotterdam (NL) juli 20th 2017
Jacco Weener & Xenia Gott Paradiso Amsterdam (NL) jan 7th 2017
Droppings Paradiso Amsterdam (NL) jan 7th 2017


Past Tourdates

Moonflower Warrior Melkweg Amsterdam (NL) dec 23rd 2016
Droppings Betonfraktion Album presentation Tilburg (NL) nov 12th 2016
X-enia Vrijplaats (Popronde) Leiden (NL) oct 27th 2016
X-enia Studio De Bakkerij ‘Gist’ Rotterdam (NL) oct 14th 2016
Droppings Rasa (Popronde) Utrecht (NL) oct 13th 2016
X-enia ‘t Bonte Palet (Popronde) Den Bosch (NL) sept 30th 2016
X-enia Extrapool (Popronde) Nijmegen (NL) sept 15th 2016
X-enia Pica Pica Parade Rotterdam (NL) aug 7th 2016
Moonflower Warrior Eendrachtfestival Rotterdam (NL)
jun 23th 2016
Moonflower Warrior Route du Nord Rotterdam (NL) jun 10-12th, 17-19th 2016
Droppings Door, Fake Magazine Dordrecht (NL) may 28th 2016
Moonflower Warrior Incubate Festival Tilburg (NL) may 14th 2016


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