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Sunday november the 3rd

A special ‘Mesh it up edition!’ will take place at the MeshPrintClub.
Featuring performances from Mark Ritsema, Lukas Simonis and Sato Endo as ‘Kruk’, X-enia and Jacco Weener.

Lukas Simonis is an experienced improvisation musician with a long track record in the Rotterdam music world. In his guitar playing he often uses unorthodox objects such as home garden and kitchen utensils. He occasionally collaborates with Japanese / Dutch dancer and performance artist Sato Endo, based in The Netherlands. She uses the complex nature of our perceptions of space, objects and activities in space as performative element to determine the dramaturgy of her performance.

Known from bands such as Spasmodique and Raskolnikov, Rotterdam Singer- Songwriter Mark Ritsema will perform his existing music
within the context of the industrial ‘Mesh’ soundscape.

Xenia Gottenkieny, a musician and artist based in Rotterdam. Gottenkieny works with vocals, samples and various instruments including
bass guitar and keyboard. During her live performance she will sample the Mesh’s screen printing soundsĀ  which she then will manipulate, alienate with special effects and re-integrate into her repetoire.

Jacco Weener: Performance artist and musician from Rotterdam. For this event he will perform and improvise with microphones scratching surfaces and materials

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